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Techfrost JOF1 26" Blast Chiller / Freezer - 26 lb., 208-230V

Techfrost JOF1 26" Blast Chiller / Freezer - 26 lb., 208-230V

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Techfrost JOF1 26" Blast Chiller / Freezer - 26 lb., 208-230V


The Techfrost JOF-ONE Blast Freezer is a small and versatile blast chilling / shock freezing unit. This all-in-one blast freezer / blast chiller by Techfrost guarantees the quality of your food products, extending shelf life and preserving moisture, color, flavor, fragrance, and natural freshness.
Whatever your space or service, the JOF-ONE Blast Freezer provides the most adept product for your professional kitchen– fitting on or under any counter. The JOF-ONE Blast Chiller ensures high performance shock freezing in a small space, achieving an internal temperature of -40 in just 18 minutes.


Techfrost JOF-ONE: Blast Freezer Advantages

  • Multiple Applications - Techfrost Shock Freezer / Blast Chillers are indispensable in all sectors of gastronomy, pastry, gelato-making and bread-making, where work time and food safety standards have an essential role.
  • Compact Design - The JOF-ONE blast freezer fits in any professional kitchen, on counter-tops, under tables, or any tight space.
  • Versatile - Use the JOF-ONE as both a blast chiller and as a shock / blast freezer.
  • Durable - The JOF-ONE Blast Freezer is constructed of durable, easy-to-clean stainless-steel
  • Professional - UL / NSF Certified
  • Advanced - An indirect ventilation system prevents food dehydration and ensures an even temperature distribution through out the chilling / freezing process.


The blast chilling and blast freezing process allows a faster, more ideal process for treating food products including raw and semi-cooked (Like croissants, bases for cakes, etc.) to the already cooked products. Keep even the most delicate items fresh, exactly as just prepared. The JOF-ONE blast chiller-blast freezer became a new workforce for your laboratory, increasing profits and quality with rhythms of work definitely less stressful.



JOF1 Features

  • Four (4) cycles in standard mode: two (2) for chilling to + 37 F and two (2) for freezing to negative temperatures
  • 30-40% more energy efficient, with faster chilling times – all while preserving the freshness and fragrance of the food
  • Indirect air distribution and special airflow pattern to ensure perfect temperature uniformity
  • Smudge-resistant controller touch pad
  • Moisture preservation system
  • Easy access to washable evaporators, waterproof fans, removable magnetic condenser filter


Product Specifications