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ITV Ice Makers DHD200-30 30" Hotel Ice Cube Dispenser - 183 lb. Capacity, 115v

ITV Ice Makers DHD200-30 30" Hotel Ice Cube Dispenser - 183 lb. Capacity, 115v

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ITV Ice Makers DHD200-30 30" Hotel Ice Cube Dispenser - 183 lb. Capacity, 115v


The ITV SIRION DHD 200-30 is a high-capacity ice dispenser designed to meet the rigorous demands of hotels and large hospitality venues. This 22-inch dispenser is compatible with the SPIKA ice machine series, particularly recommended for use with the SPIKA MS 500 and SPIKA MS 1000 models. With a generous capacity of 220 lbs, this dispenser ensures a consistent and reliable supply of ice.

Constructed from high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel and sanitary plastic, the SIRION DHD 200-30 offers both durability and hygiene. Its design includes easy access to the internal ice deposit for cleaning purposes, eliminating the need to move the ice machine and simplifying maintenance routines. For added convenience, the dispenser also provides an optional water dispensing feature, catering to diverse customer needs.

The SIRION DHD 200-30 operates quietly, ensuring a pleasant environment for guests and staff alike. The dispenser is equipped with height-adjustable legs to accommodate various installation requirements, and features a removable drain pan for easy cleaning. Designed for optimal performance, it operates at 115V/60Hz and is backed by a comprehensive warranty: three years on parts and labor, with an additional two years on the compressor and evaporator.

With its robust construction, large capacity, and user-friendly features, the SIRION DHD 200-30 is an ideal choice for any establishment requiring efficient and reliable ice dispensing solutions. Its combination of durability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance makes it a standout addition to any professional setting.



  • Hotel Ice Dispenser for modular ice cube machine
  • Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Material: Made in stainless steel AISI 304 and sanitary plastic
  • Easy Access: Easy access to inside deposit for cleaning without moving the ice machine
  • Water Dispensing: Optional
  • Adjustable Legs: Legs height adjustable
  • Removable Drain Pan
  • Low Noise Operation