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ITV Ice Makers DELTA NG 120 18" Air Cooled Undercounter Delta Cube Ice Machine - 108 lb., 115v

ITV Ice Makers DELTA NG 120 18" Air Cooled Undercounter Delta Cube Ice Machine - 108 lb., 115v

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ITV Ice Makers DELTA NG 120 18" Air Cooled Undercounter Delta Cube Ice Machine - 108 lb., 115v


The ITV Ice Makers DELTA120A is an advanced and robust ice-making machine designed for those who demand high performance and durability. This self-contained unit produces solid gourmet crystal-clear ice cubes, making it perfect for upscale bars, restaurants, and any establishment that requires pristine ice quality. The innovative A3S Anti-Scale Spray System, patented by ITV, uses flexible nozzles to prevent limescale deposits through gentle vibrations, ensuring the machine remains efficient and low-maintenance.

Built with a Strong Inox Frame featuring AISI 304 stainless steel, the DELTA120A boasts unmatched durability and stability. The strongest door on the market, also made of stainless steel, incorporates a patented opening and damping system for smooth operation. The front ventilation concept allows for 'built-in' installation, making it versatile for various setups. The cleaning switch facilitates easy circulation of descaling products without cooling interruption, while the "Never Stop" motor pump, developed by ITV, ensures continuous operation even in hard water conditions by eliminating seals that are prone to deterioration.

Service and installation are made simple with the EASI system, allowing all panels to be disassembled separately. The front panel features an illuminated ON/OFF rocker switch for ease of use. The machine is tropicalized (T Class) and comes with height-adjustable legs, accommodating heights from 105mm to 155mm. With a production capacity of 108 lbs per 24 hours, 24 ice cubes per cycle, and a 44 lb ice storage capacity, the DELTA120A combines high capacity with efficiency, all while meeting cETLus and NSF standards.



  • Produces Solid Gourmet Crystal Clear Ice Cubes
  • A3S (Anti-Scale Spray System)
    • Patented spray system with flexible nozzles to prevent limescale deposits using small vibrations.
  • STIF (Strong Inox Frame)
    • Solid machine structure in 4 columns with AISI 304 stainless steel frame.
  • Strongest Door in the Market
    • Made of stainless steel with an opening and damping system patented by ITV.
  • Front Ventilation Concept
    • Frontal in-out air system allows for built-in machines.
  • Cleaning Switch
    • Allows circulation of water with descaling product (like CALKLIN) without cooling.
  • "Never Stop" Motor Pump
    • Developed by ITV, a pump without seals to avoid deterioration in hard water.
  • EASI (Easy Access for Service & Installation)
    • All panels can be disassembled separately.
  • On/Off Lighted Rocker Switch in Front Panel
  • Tropicalized Machines (T Class)
    • Height adjustable legs from 105mm to 155mm.

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