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Beverage-Air BF202AP-1P 59" Roll-In Blast Chiller / Freezer 465 lb.

Beverage-Air BF202AP-1P 59" Roll-In Blast Chiller / Freezer 465 lb.

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Beverage-Air BF202AP-1P 59" Roll-In Blast Chiller / Freezer 465 lb.

Beverage Air offers a product line of roll-in blast chillers that are designed to efficiently and effectively preserve the quality of your food products. The roll-in design allows for easy loading and unloading of food racks, optimizing workflow in any commercial kitchen.

The powerful refrigeration system inside the blast chillers ensures that hot foods are cooled to safe temperatures within a short period while maintaining the integrity of the food. This quick and precise cooling process helps inhibit bacterial growth and reduces the risk of foodborne illness, making it an essential asset for food safety in your commercial kitchen.

The high-capacity nature of the Beverage Air roll-in blast chillers ensures that there's plenty of space for all your chilling needs. This product line makes it easy to keep large batches of food at the right temperature while saving space and reducing the need for additional storage equipment.

The durable stainless steel construction provides protection against wear and rust, while the user-friendly digital controller makes it easy to set the temperature and timing requirements of your recipes. The sophisticated insulation system keeps the cold air in, so your blast chiller is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and capable of long-lasting performance.

Overall, the Beverage Air roll-in blast chillers product line is a time-saving and energy-efficient addition to any large-scale commercial kitchen that requires quick, precise chilling to preserve the quality of their food products.



  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • Die-formed interior floor has rounded corners
  • Central drain for easy cleaning
  • Anti-condensation perimeter heating around door opening
  • Ergonomic vertical door handle and stainless steel
  • Snap in place magnetic gaskets self closing door with hold open stop at 100°
  • Soft and hard, timed or core probe blast chilling
  • Soft and hard, timed or core probe shock freezing
  • Automatic recognition of core probe
  • Multi point sensor temperature display button
  • Core probe heater button
  • HACCP alarm display button
  • Pre-cooling cycle button
  • Adjustable evaporator fan speed button
  • Timed manual defrost button
  • USB data recorder
  • Infinity mode program with adjustable set point
  • Automatic conservation mode at end of cycle
  • On board recipe book with 68 pre-set programs
  • 99 Free memory positions for custom programs
  • LCD illuminated temperature display
  • Real time clock
  • One, high precision heated multi sensor probe
  • Maximum interior dimensions for carts: 30”W x 41”D x 75”H
  • Ramp dimension: 39.2”W x 31.9”D (ramp not included)


  • Refrigeration system uses R404 refrigerant (condensing unit to be provided by others)
  • Evaporator fitted with a high flow rate fan insures maximum cooling efficiency
  • Indirect air flow assures highest product quality
  • Manual defrosting with door open on a timed cycle
  • Blast chilling (194°F to 37°F in 90 minutes) or shock freezing (194°F to 0°F in 240 minutes) cycles

Product Specifications

Beverage-Air BF202AP-1P 59" Roll-In Blast Chiller / Freezer 465 lb.