Refrigerated Prep Tables

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Maximize kitchen efficiency and keep ingredients fresh with Direct Freezers' refrigerated prep tables—they’re the ultimate solution for any fast-paced food service environment. Our refrigerated pizza prep table streamlines the pizza-making process, offering ample refrigerated storage right where you need it. Similarly, our refrigerated prep tables ensure that your ingredients are always at the perfect temperature for establishments specializing in sandwiches, salads, or any cold dish.  

For kitchens with limited space that require versatile refrigeration solutions, our under-counter worktop refrigerator and worktop freezer options offer compact efficiency without sacrificing capacity or performance. Additionally, refrigerated chef bases provide a solid foundation for other kitchen equipment while keeping essential ingredients chilled and within arm’s reach. Whether outfitting a hot bar, café, grocery store, or fast-casual dining establishment, Direct Freezers has high-quality refrigerated prep tables and worktop freezers to meet your specific culinary needs.