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Everest dates back to 1965 as a refrigeration parts manufacturer and importer based in Seoul, South Korea. Having grown to a significant production and distribution entity by 1984, the company took the first pivotal step in launching high-performance, commercial foodservice and HVAC equipment.

The year 1989 marked the internationalization of the company’s brand, product line and trade network. The effectiveness of global development culminated in the eventful establishment of Everest in Los Angeles, California on May 2002. Our success in the U.S. market lead to the unprecedented growth of our sales and distribution territories.

For over 50 years, Everest has strengthened manufacturing competence through the steady advancement of fully automated assembly lines and the unceasing drive to expand knowledge. We understand the importance of innovative, energy-efficient refrigeration systems as solutions to the everyday business. Everest remains steadfast in our promise to go above the industry standard. We are happy to be of continued service to you.